Amir Ajmal is a gifted musician as not only he can play bass guitar but also keyboards. He is a session player for QB, SYMT, Bilal Khan, Roxen, Josh and Farhan Saeed Butt. Amir owns a music studio of his own, Black Cherry Studio.

One of the best drummers in Pakistan, Kami Paul, is extremely versatile and can play any genre. Kami has been a session player for industry giants like Noori, Mekaal Hasaan Band, Zeb & Haniya and SYMT. He aspires to be as good as Gavin Harrison.

From playing drums for Poor Rich Boy and Club Caramel to being the producer at Music Machine, Ravail Sattar has made music his forte. Aiming to be as good as Danny Carey, he has also been a drumming instructor at The Guitar School. Two of his top favourite bands are Tool and King Crimson.

Playing keyboards since the early age of 12 to studying music since childhood, pursuing a career as a musician was not a surprise for Rufus Shahzad. Graduating from the Musicology Department of NCA seemed the best option. Rufus has been a session keyboard player for SYMT and Meesha Shafi’s Band.

Waqas Ahmed is a session guitar player for Overload. Back in the days, he had a band of his own, Odyssey which was quite famous among the youth. Waqas’ preferred genre of music is metal and he takes inspiration from John Petrucci’s performances.