129102-simple-red-square-icon-media-a-media22-arrow-forward1Pakistan Superstar is Pakistan’s first ever digital music reality show. The show is a project of Walnut Studios (subsidiary of Walnut Media) and is supported by Universal Music Publishing Group.

On the basis of Social voting, top 10 contestants were selected out of more than 3,000 entries on our website (www.pakistansuperstar.com) and these contestants are performing 2 songs each on our show. The format is completely new as we have moved away from the typical episodic flow of the reality shows or elimination rounds giving the power to the audience without the involvement of any judges. Top 10 contestant are from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur.

With the support of platforms (Facebook and Soundcloud) – we’re going to use social as a voting mechanism again to select the top 3 candidates. We selected some of the best session players of Pakistan to perform with our contestants, giving them an opportunity of a life time. Contestant on our show are from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur.

The show starts airing from the 18th of May, 2014.


About Walnut Studios

Logo-TransparentwhiteMusic is undoubtedly one of the key social elements in Pakistan. But despite the high potential and unparalleled talent in our youth, things have been rather stale & stagnant for the last few years. Same old artists, same mediocre song writing style, innovation was simply missing from the front.

That’s where Walnut Studios, a subsidiary of Walnut Media, decided to step up. Scouring the nation for underappreciated talent, recruiting them, mentoring them, providing them with a state-of-the-art & complete creative freedom to “do their thing”, and then promoting them on global level to make them the next big thing to hit the airwaves.

Over time we have come across some absolutely incredible artists, who have further reaffirmed our belief in our goal & direction. And with this release, we celebrate our first major venture in that direction, firmly establishing our goals, objectives, and direction.

Walnut Studios along with supporting young talent, have created proprietary content platforms like Music Latte’, Walnut Sessions, Pakistan Superstar.

  • Eliza

    Shahrukh I am becoming big fan of yours. You are the best. Wish you best of luck.

  • Cindy Malloff

    If you are looking for a superstar… you have to consider stage presence and audience interaction in addition to vocals…as far as I’m concerned Shahrukh Rajput is KILLIN’ IT!!!
    What a great performance!!!

  • MeSsuM

    kumail Jaffri is the great singer